The Mildly Chaotic Day: This Wasn’t Supposed to Happen

Sometimes things just don’t work out the way you want them to.

No, it’s not because you worked your ass off and things still don’t go as planned. These days are more mild. And they’re not always beyond your control. You make some mistakes, have some poor luck, and boom. Half your day is spent on commuting.

For example: you forget to set your alarm. Which is weird, because you never forget to set your alarm. Even weirder, your internal clock always wakes you up five to ten minutes before your Totoro alarm clock starts singing. You sleep into the beginning of your first class.

It could be worse, though. It’s not like you had an exam that day, right? But it’s annoying. Not a good start to your day. So instead, you make icing for the cupcakes you made last night, in preparation for your club’s event this evening.

Except despite mixing red and heaps of yellow food colouring, you can’t quite get past a salmon colour icing. This sucks, because you were aiming for orange. It’s the eve of Halloween, after all.

You curse Safeway brand food colouring and your lack of mixing know-how, before getting back to work. Who knew it would take so long to ice 22 cupcakes? Not you–woops, and you’re going to be late for lunch. Who also knew that it would take forty minutes to get to your meeting place? Again, not you.

Luckily you’re not too late. A little frazzled, rained-on (just look at it pour!), but almost there. But what’s this? A phone call from MA: Basho, the place you were supposed to lunch with your friends, is closed for vacation.

Why the hell is Basho never open when you can make it? You’ve skipped your second class to make it there because it’s only open on weekdays, from 9-4pm, holidays not included. This was the only way. You clench your fist and look up to a high ceiling of clouds, rain pouring down, mascara streaking down your face. “Why?” You scream to the sky. Your friends look away, awkwardly waiting for you to finish having your moment.

But no matter.  You and your friends head back to Waterfront station. You’re under time constraint because you have to get back to school in time for your club event, so you pick something affordable and close by (because Basho was in the middle of flipping nowhere): Hapa Izakaya, the Coal Harbour location. You and your friends continue to brave the rain, soaking your shoes, twirling your umbrellas; you arrive at Hapa. You open the first glass door, and one of your friends remarks how dark the inside of the restaurant looks. “Looks closed,” he says.

He’s not wrong.


Photo cred to Untitled in Contemplation, a blogger/friend.

Well. What are the three of you going to do now? You don’t really have the time to travel elsewhere. You’ve already spent an hour and a half on transit, and you still have to go home to pick up the cupcakes.

What’s close by and assuredly tasty? Affordable would be nice, too. You realize you can’t have both… and you see Miku out of the corner of your eye. Your wallet begins to ache.

Miku never leaves the corner of your eye. It dances into your mind, waving neon glowing light sticks in the direction of the restaurant. You can see Miku is enticing your friends, too, their eyes glazing over as you all stand in contemplation.

You are sick of the rain and want to eat lunch and need to eat it now.

“F*** it, let’s go to Miku.”


So this wasn’t the way you were planning to (quite literally) spend your day, but at least the sushi will be good.

The company, too, of course.


The decor has a modern aquatic theme. Check out those sea urchin light fixtures in the top right!

Of course things could be worse–things could always be worse–but today has not been your day.

Time to breathe deeply.

You’re finally at lunch with your friends, and everything on the menu looks good. You’ll get over missing class and spending way more than you intended to on lunch (here you lament your university student status and consequential part-time worker’s income). But days like these happen. And it could be worse. And look! Your hot miso soup has arrived!


Hits the spot on a rainy Vancouver day.

Lunch is deeeeelicious.


Jumbo prawns with ginger cocktail sauce.


The premium lunch special. Aburi nigir, oshi, and sushi rolls.IMG_0233

Fighting for the last few pieces!


The King roll. Prawn tempura, crab, flying fish roe, avocado, sweet chili aioli. One of my absolute favourites.

Things have finally settled down. You happily chat about political science classes, argue over the best angles to take pictures of food (you not-so-secretly know nothing about photography), whether you should be taking pictures of food at all, and move from topic to topic with the fluidity of comfort-conversation.



These two!

Repose. Finally.

And then you’re rushing off to the rest of your day.



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