Saturday (And a Belated Thanksgiving)

So this post was originally supposed to be a tongue-in-cheek write-up of my adventures in The Suburbs–specifically, Coquitlam. I’m a little city girl, after all. I don’t head out east ever.

But nope, not going to do that.

Last week was on the crazier end of the How Am I Feeling spectrum, and with midterms and things cleared up and out of the way (you’d think Thanksgiving wouldn’t be a stressful time, but it was), Saturday was a day for rest and relaxation. And spending an hour in Chapters, pining after cookbooks…


Wonderful fog on the mountian.

So I’m a week late, but I do feel a very deep thankfulness I have for so much of my life.

To my friends and family, I love you. And to whoever happens to read my blog: thank you! I hope it brings you some small joy, even if it’s fleeting. The little things do matter.



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