American Authors

Went to one of the tamest concerts I have ever experienced the other day. This is saying something, because I’ve been to a ton of concerts.

This was American Authors headlining their own international tour for the first time, and they landed in Vancouver to play at the Vogue. Earlier this year they opened for the double-headliner epic that was the Script and OneRepublic (two of my favourite bands), and my friend C and I noticed that the band largely drowned out lead singer Zac Barnett; I was hoping this time, volume control would be levelled. Luckily, the sound was great this time.

Opening for American Authors was Echosmith and the Mowgli’s. Echosmith had a cool indie sound which vaguely reminded me of the kind of stuff they play in American Eagle Outfitters (assuming the still play the same music they did six years ago). The Mowgli’s was closer to what you’d hear in Hollister–depending on who was in control of music. I was impressed by Echosmith’s lead singer and by the very cool fact that all of the band members were siblings (!).



Pretty sure the boy almost fell asleep during the first two acts (have to admit, not being a huge fan of either bands, I got a bit drowzy too), so just before American Authors took the stage K, J, and the two of us got out of our seats and headed up to the front.

It definitely wasn’t a sold out show. I’m not used to small (alt/pop) rock concerts, with the exception being small festivals, so this was a new experience for me. I can at least say I certainly enjoyed being comfortably close to the stage.


They opened with Heart of Stone.



I’m a little bit sheltered/ I’m a little bit scared/ I’m a little bit nervous/ I’m going nowhere

I’ve been noticing that percussion is seriously expanding its presence in all the shows I’ve been seeing lately (I’m thinking Imagine Dragons in particular–loved that!). The opening acts of tonight also had two or three people banging away at some drum or another while they sung, hummed, or abandoned the guitars slung around their necks.


Does this look like a getty stock image or what? Someone should pay me for it. (Then I could get a better camera…)

One reason to be close up: higher energy. This was definitely a show where you did not want to be in the back, where very few people were interspersed. The energy was what made the night memorable. That, and singing along with friends and the band.


Hit it!

The encore made me realize what an angel voice Matt Sanchez has (the entire band likes to sing along, but it’s obviously Zac’s voice that we mostly hear). Seriously, Matt sounds like he’s had some extensive choir training.


As the encore drew to an end, American Authors serenaded us with Oh, What a Life, and over and over everyone sung together:

And we laughed, oh

and we cried, and

thought, oh, what a life!

Oh, what a night!


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