Quick Post: Kingyo

Stopped at Kingyo for dinner last weekend. The sun was out, it was hot, and a cold, Kingyo cocktail was the kind of drink that hit the spot.


Gin, white rum, 7-up… bitter & sweet is my kind of thing.


I’m a fan of the food at Kingyo, and I plan to make a real review of the place one day, but for now I’ll just fill you in on what we ate.

Above is the mackerel sushi. My stomach can’t take much raw fish, but I gobbled down a couple because I just couldn’t resist. Kingyo is an izakaya establishment, not one of the plethora of sushi joints around town, so there aren’t many sushi options, but I enjoyed the mackerel a bit.

I loved the beef tongue.



Hot rocks are so much fun. The boy laughed at the struggle that was my first attempt, but hey! First time. It’s not as easy as Korean BBQ…


I should definitely eat more so I can practice using the hot rock. (And I should just eat more.)



We finished off with pork tenderloin tempura (good, but not a huge fan of the slightly soggy batter) and my personal favourite…

The ebi mayo. I don’t even like mayo normally, but they don’t overdo it and the chilli sauce makes it all worth it. I am a prawn-loving girl and Kingyo’s ebi mayo is irresistible.



Good dinner, lovely night.

Kingyo Izakaya 金魚居酒屋 on Urbanspoon


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