Slaughterhouse Two

Had dinner at L’Abattoir recently.


L’Abattoir, French for the slaughterhouse, is a Gastown restaurant boasting an interesting historical location, a partially open kitchen, and French-influenced West Coast cuisine.

From the site:

L’Abattoir is located in the center of Gastown between historic Gaoler’s Mews and Blood Alley. The restaurant was built in the 19th century and is the site of Vancouver’s first jail. Originally buttressed to the city’s main butchery and meat packing district, the name L’Abattoir pays homage to the neighbourhood’s colourful past.


We ordered, our menus were taken away, and a basket of bread soon arrived at our table to start. The breads had interesting twists: bacon brioche, anchovy parmesan straws, and spice flatbread. The date was a fan–I wasn’t feeling up to adventurous pastries.

L’Abattoir is a bit pricey, perhaps more so than it’s actually worth. That being said, I loved my meal.


I ordered the special of the day: ling cod with mussels, potatoes, and a spinach puree. 

I love fish. The ling cod was deliciously fatty, with the downside of it being very heavy (don’t order any starters unless you have a big appetite). The potatoes complimented the fish and the spinach puree well.


Grilled pork belly with plums, radicchio and beetroot.

Overall L’Abattoir is not quite worth what you pay, but it was nice to try out. It’s set up as a date kind of restaurant, with almost-dim lights and a number of two-person tables which, at the time we visited, were left separated from one another. The dining space is set away from the din of the kitchen below, but I hear th whole place gets quite loud during peak hours. Mostly it’s easy to appreciate the small, unique twists they put into the dining experience.

They’re particularly well-known for their cocktail selection, which, unfortunately, I didn’t know about until after I returned home (research your restaurants, friends. Don’t make my mistake). Maybe another time? We could turn our two into a five.

Until next time!

PS: Yes, I’m proud of my Slaughterhouse Two/Five joke. I don’t care whether I pulled it off or not!

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