Lynn Peak

Haven’t been hiking in an eternity. Well, close: not since last year. But N, A, and I picked the Lynn Peak trail as our hike of the summer.

We took the Canada Line to Waterfront, and a single bus all the way to the Lynn Valley headwaters area. It’s a bit of a walk from the stop (stairs, stairs, and more stairs), but nothing Google Maps couldn’t handle. After getting to the main Headwaters Connector trail/area, we used the maps to find our way to the beginning of the Lynn Peak hike. This took approximately twentyish minutes of casual walking from the bust stop.


Not the entrance to the Lynn Peak hike. This was entering the connecting trail to get to Headwaters.

I didn’t take many pictures of the actual hike, to be honest, and none of them were particularly interesting. It’s best to see for yourself.

The hike is sometimes described as the more scenic, less populated version of the Grouse Grind. At the trail’s claimed 4 hours round trip time and 700+ metre elevation, it’s certainly similar, but the way up to the Peak is backcountry, not one giant StairMaster.

For that reason, I actually preferred it. I’d rather climb over roots and rocks than stairs. The first and third parts of the hike are the most difficult, but overall it’s an intermediate hike.

There are two “viewpoints” to mark the spaces in between each parts. With all the trees, there isn’t much to seem and the viewing spaces are quite small, but there aren’t any other similar spots in the hike, so you won’t miss ’em. (Not that you’d miss much by skipping them altogether.)

I’d also say that if you’re in moderate shape, the hike won’t take you 4 hours–a little less is more likely. But listen, regardless of your fitness level, you’re going to sweat buckets on the way up. No way around it. Just accept it and wipe away the veil of pore leakage on your face at each viewpoint.

The viewpoint is definitely worth it:


Along with alarmingly large mosquitoes, there are tons of furry-tailed rodents scurrying around. IMG_2439

An older Irish couple arrived briefly after we sat down to eat lunch. The man said, taking in the great cloudy, grey view, “You know, it looks different every time we come up here.” Which was neat.


I like to think the view is much better on a bright sunny day. It was hot out when we climbed up, but the clouds covered the sky and kept the atmosphere muggy (maybe that’s why there were so many mosquitoes out. That, and it’s August). The view was pretty muted.




Short-lived. Batman needs to train a bit.



The hike down was awful.

I know it’s supposed to be more difficult going up, but all the loose rocks and roots make it much more strenuous going down. It took a full two hours to get to the bottom. I’m just a little too anxious about these sorts of things, I guess, but I was super concerned about twisting an ankle. There was a guy who jogged past us during the descent, though, so maybe that’s just me (and other cautious people).

Overall, a good workout. The descent is tedious, but the climb is good, sweat-inducing fun!



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