The Flying Pig

Went to the Flying Pig the other day.


Gabby was back in down for three entire days.

She picked The Flying Pig for our first dinner. We chose the Gastown location, which doesn’t have as great ratings as its Yaletown counterpart–but it’s a different of less than a star, usually, so we took it with a grain of salt.

The wait ended up taking a while. We were told 30-45 minutes for 7 people on a Monday night, but it was closer to an hour.

IMG_2468The place offers a variety of Canadiana dishes: fish (halibut, trout) , meat/beef (tenderloin, short rib, veal), and chicken, complimented equally Canadian, locally grown produce (poutine, beets, gnocchi made from yukon gold potatoes).



A flying pig! Little winged swine statues are found all around the dimly lit restaurant. 

Loud, busy atmosphere of a restaurant in the heart of Gastown: check.

Friendly enough staff: check.

Decent prices: … mm, nope.

Not to say that they were truly unusual prices for a restaurant in this part of town, but if I’m going to be spending $20+ on an entree, the food better be good.


Feature of the day: a salad with tuna candied salmon (I think… can’t quite remember.)


Short ribs. At $21.50, this dish seemed by far to be the most overpriced.


The dish I ordered–the seafood pappardelle. A bit spicy, with huge tomato chunks. I don’t think the mussels were cooked enough, and the texture of the sauce was a bit too much like one of those tuna salad kits from Clover Leaf, but not bad.

Overall, the Flying Pig is decent. Without being able to define what they mean by their self-labelled “nouveau Canadian bistro” aesthetic, I can see where they’re coming from, particularly as I observed the brownstone walls, wooden dining furniture, and carb-heavy, Canadian-comfort-food menu. (Is that a definition? Maybe not a proper one.)

Still, it’s overpriced. I didn’t feel as if the food I was paying for was worth it, despite my satisfaction with the meal. Even if the Yaletown location has better ratings, I don’t think I would check it out. There are so many other restaurants in the Lower Mainland to try, and this one wasn’t impressive enough to warrant a return.

We went to Kingyo yesterday, which I enjoyed, even though it confirmed my body’s reluctance to properly digest uncooked fish. Whatever. The tempura was cool.

Until next time!

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