Crackle Creme & Fireworks

It has been hot hot hot this past week in Van. My uniform is now an open button down, tank top, and short shorts, which has led to many sweaty, gross bus rides, and extra exposure to evening mosquito swarms. (Tip: while walking along the water in Steveston provides a view so stunning that you may feel impelled to take your sweet time going by, know that you will be eaten alive by bugs as you pass by the Murakami houses.)

I can’t get by on wearing any more. It’s way too hot. But I have to admit, despite the bug bites and scorching sun, I really love summer. I’d much prefer sun and 30ºC to gloom and cold.

The other day was a bit of a traipse through the heat. Not hiking, no–I visited Crackle Creme for the first time with C and K. Crème brûlée for lunch? Yes, please.

img_0331Courtesy of K.

C arrived first. I walked past our meeting place several times–kept reading the Union Street address, which was much more prominent than the light Crackle Creme lettering on the glass windows. (Poor excuse, I know.)

Crackle Creme is a small, open little shop with bar tables lining two of the walls, for people to sit and eat their treats. Available are crème brûlée and authentic liège waffles, as well as caffeinated and non-caffeinated beverages.

Something about the heat makes one less hungry, so C and I opted for one cup of crème brûlée each. We left the other enticing flavours, and the waffles, for another time.


Myriad of fun flavours!

A vegan option is available–very Vancouver. Also, pandan and durian… where else are you going to find crème brûlée flavours like this? Some people knock on fusion foods (I can sometimes be one of them), but dessert’s a different story. Seeing adventurous variety is great–and, for Vancouver’s trendy food scene, almost expected.


I decided on chocolate orange, and plucked a pretty bottle of iced tea from their little fridge. C went with the pandan coconut, and K, when she arrived, chose lavender honey. The proprietor asked her how it tasted, and they spoke for a bit on the balance of flavour while C and I continued to talk about life.





We stuck around and chatted for about two hours. We noticed that it was pretty empty the entire time, and C and I speculated on how they could afford to stay open if traffic was so low (it was a Wednesday afternoon)… they just opened in June this year, so it’s still a relatively new place. Whether they’ll last or not was left open for debate, but we assumed and hoped that traffic was much heavier at night and weekends. They likely rely on catering services and takeout orders, too.


Say, did you hear?

After meandering around Chinatown for a bit, we headed over to 4th st. and decided on Simpatico for dinner (poor service, decent food) before heading down to Kits beach to wait for the fireworks.


Courtesy of K.

Recently I re-discovered my love of card games. The five of us played Cheat for most of the time, one game going on for almost an hour. K and A were particularly bad–K kept being the risk-taker and calling cheat.

Mostly to her detriment.

It’s funny how many of us cheated on the first go–and how many of us tried cheating with cards we knew K already had (her and A had over half the deck at one point). Nothing bonds people together like aggressive games.


Courtesy of K. C is getting ready to shuffle the cards while we joke about some of the funniest blunders of the previous game.

As the dark settled in, the sky began to light up. Tonight was France’s turn for the Celebration of Light festival, and they did a wonderful job. Vive la France, eh?

IMG_6626Happy summer, everyone.

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