Nook: Kitsilano

Ate dinner at Nook with the friends. We heard the Nook in Kits (there’s another downtown) was the best, so we headed beach-ward.


There is no door leading into Nook. It’s open, which feels perfect for a summer evening. We turned left into the main dining area and took our seats.


While the food is good, Nook is also all about it’s atmosphere, which largely hinges on its patrons. The restaurant is filled with loud chatter and a casual bustle during peak hours. Everywhere there are people sitting down and leaning in, speaking across the table, two glasses of sparkling wine between them; there are people standing up, chatting with the hostesses and each other. I’m not saying the place is magical, but it does have a very distinct atmosphere that feels less constructed and false than other restaurants. Nook feels like a meeting place. The good food and wine are complimentary to this space for socializing and catching up with friends.

You could argue that all restaurants are, most of the time, meeting places by default, but Nook felt more like an It place, but an It place that wasn’t insecure about it’s status and more of an It place because of the open comfortability it inspires. It isn’t  stuffy, it’s trendy-casual. Which was nice.


Let’s ignore me & my camera in the reflection… I had to post these pictures of Manda & C because they were so cute!


We settled on the pizza special of the day, which was topped with mushrooms, prosciutto, and parmesan. Nook is known in the Vancouver area for their pizza, and rightly so. The texture of the pizza dough is crisp and chewy in all the right places, and the mushrooms were soooo good.


Mushrooms were to die for.


We also ordered the spaghetti putanesca, which, of the two pastas, I preferred. (I like darker pastas; spaghetti noodles, sun dried tomatoes, that sort of thing.)


Everyone else liked the rigatoni boscaiola, which was much creamier.


Overall I enjoyed Nook. Their pizza is not the best I’ve had in Vancouver, but it is definitely good pizza. The rest of their dishes, I found, were a little blander than what my Picky Eater’s selective standards prefer–for example, the flavours aren’t as strong or distinct as the pastas you’d get in less urban-hip, more traditionally Italian places– but that might just be a preference of mine, not an indication of the quality. If you’re in the area, I recommend checking it out.

Until next time!

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