Food Cart Fest 2014

I went to yesterday night’s Hawkers Market with my sister and N yesterday. We had fun, but I have to say I was disappointed. There were fewer food stalls, and the atmosphere felt weak. No Instagram contest, either! Tsk.

K, A and I went to the Food Cart Fest today, where I hoped to have a better foodie experience. It’s open every Sunday for the rest of the summer, and has a ring of delicious-smelling food trucks stocked full of food, begging to be eaten.

Unfortunately, it was pouring when we arrived. It’s hard enough being not much of a photographer, but add in poor, gloomy lighting? Not the great makings of a pretty blog post. But this is Vancouver, and sometimes you just have to accept the rain as a part of the city.


A and K being cute.

Despite the weather, we all enjoyed what the fest had to offer. The environment itself was nice, and everyone there, from the food truck-runners and food-loving attendees to the eco-conscious waste management volunteers, was friendly and excited to chat about the different foods the fest had to offer. I ended up munching on an AMAZING fish taco from Tacofino–the salsa was so fresh, and the cod-to-batter ratio was perfect. The fish part of the taco was nice and crispy on the outside, and soft and tender on the inside. A picked up a fish taco as well, from Feastro, and K chose a waffle cone from Beljam’s, which she declared was good, but too much for her. Tip for those (like us) with small stomachs who want to enjoy Food Cart Fest to its fullest: go with a bunch of friends, and share the food you order. That way, you get to taste a larger variety of foods while saving money and not overstuffing yourselves.


Tacofino, where I ordered my fish taco.


My cod fish taco. I liked it so much I looked up Tacofino’s regular food truck location. So great.


A in front of Feastro.


A’s smoked salmon taco.


K: first to order, last to receive her food.


Spicy chorizo sausage and egg cone.

We found a spot in the covered seating area… eventually. There definitely aren’t enough seats for the amount of people who show up, and I’m sure that’s not an issue when it’s nice and sunny out and people sit on the grass outside, but in the pouring rain… it takes a bit of effort to stay dry and comfy.

While we ate our lunch, the three of us kept picking up the scent of chicken karage wafting from Mogu’s food truck, so eventually Ali popped over to order a bowl.


I personally liked the smell better than the taste, but it was still good. I had hoped the texture of the batter would be a bit crunchier, but the sweet and almost-spicy flavour was a real treat.

We were all full at this point, but since seeing the ice cream sandwich picture from my May 30th Hawkers Market post, K has been wanting to try Brown Paper Packaging’s artisanal ice cream sandwiches. They happened to be at Food Card Fest, so we couldn’t resist!



Pink lemonade.


Peanut Butter Cup.

After that, it was time to head home. We were full but left wanting–there were so many food trucks we hadn’t tried! We resolved to return before the end of summer, and spoke about how hopefully the next time, it would be sunny.

Of course, once we exited, the rain stopped.



It’s nice and sunny out now, if you were wondering. A perfect summer evening.

Hopefully the next time we go, it’ll be nice out. There’s still so much to try–from Yolk to the famous Roaming Dragon. (I know, I know. We never got a chance to try TRD. Next time!)


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