Christy’s Birth-Tea Party

Summer’s here! Right?

Well, I’m in my “summer” session at university right now, and it’s warm out, so it must be.

Then again, I’m still in school. And I’m working part time. So while it may be the beginning of students’ summer here in Vancouver, it’s not quite summer vacation.

Still, the weather alone is worth celebrating.Image

I’ve been wanting to host an afternoon tea party for quite some time, and today went beyond my expectations. It was a semi-surprise birthday party for Christy, as well–a birth-tea party, if you will.

The tea party was potluck style. Mini strawberry scones, egg salad sandwiches, smoked salmon, and sugar-butter cookies were just a few of the delicious foods we had for our spread. My grandmother provided the backyard, the teapots, the cups & saucers… we pretty much owe her for the whole thing, to be honest. (Thanks again, G.)


Punk rock isn’t dead, it’s just having its afternoon tea. It’ll be back in a few.


We set up. We waited.

…. Until the birthday girl arrived!




ImageImageImageImageVivian’s fab. She’s really got a true photographer’s flair for photo shoots, don’t you agree?




I’m so lucky to have these girls in my life.


Happy Early Birthday, Christy!



Mango pudding and raspberry/white chocolate cheesecake for dessert.


We’ve known each other since kindergarten… our friendship has been fifteen years in the making. Some girls are missing from this picture, but you know who you are. What we have is pretty amazing.

Can’t wait for the next time we throw something like this.




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