Los Angeles

Very little sleep. Arrived in LA at around 10:30am, and were picked up by F’s high school friend, who now attends UCLA.


Neat squares and rectangles.

We stopped on the outskirts of the UCLA campus and munched on some Diddy Reise ice cream sandwiches, which were delicious and filling and insanely cheap: $2USD. Crazy.


Then we were given a tour by F’s friend. He could be a campus guide, that guy.


J inside the monument outside the Broad Arts Center.


We’d all been up since before the crack of dawn, so while our campus & city guide went off to take a lab exam, the rest of us read and napped in a quiet study area in one of the libraries. (I might have been the only one who napped. I’m weak, okay? I need my sleep.)


After that we were driven down to Santa Monica, where we popped into stores and purchased a few books.

We ate dinner at Johnny Rocket’s, where some of us salivated over the burgers and milkshakes.


I had a lemonade. When I said “some of us” were into the milkshakes, earlier, I meant mostly everyone else. It’s hot out! I like citrus! Lemonade’s my cup of tea–err, cup of juice.


Wandering around Santa Monica.


Eventually we walked down to Paradise Pier to look at the sunset. There were tons of stalls selling crappy food, trinkets, caricature sessions, and balloon art.


It’s nice to be back in LA. The weather is nice, the food is cheap, and there’s an All Saints.

There are friends, too. that’s nice.


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