That’s right, my last final was on April 30th, the last possible day to take an exam. 8:30am, which was fun.

Anyway, now that I’m free as a bird (until summer school starts up May 12th, at least), it’s time to celebrate. And Christy and Elvina are back in Vancouver! Elvina leaves for her co-op term out east in a few days, though, so a few of us gathered at Miku to catch up and munch on some ridiculously expensive, ridiculously tasty sushi together.


Miku is a highly touted sushi restaurant that opened last year. It’s at Waterfront, so it’s a quick Canada Line /Millennium Line ride for locals.

I had made a reservation for six, and we were seated in the room at the back, which was quieter and had a beautiful view of the water.

Summer is finally here!




 Aburi Oshi sushi. The aburi sushi–that is, roasted sushi topped with fish and other various ingredients–were personal highlights of the meal. We ordered the salmon oshi and saba oshi.



The spicy shrimp and pork gyoza. Not spicy, but good.


The specialty rolls. My favourite was the King roll (prawn tempura, crab, flying fish roe, avocado, sweet chili aioli), but it admittedly wasn’t the most exciting. Others enjoyed the Miku roll better (salmon, crab, cucumber, sea urchin, rolled in flying fish roe, miku sauce). We all agreed that it was all great sushi, though. Mouth-wateringly good.


Miku was the best sushi I’ve had in a while, and there are sushi restaurants scattered  everywhere in Vancouver, so it’s not as if I have limited experience with them. Miku’s specialty rolls actually taste special, and the ingredients always combine to create a fantastic mix of flavours, unlike some places that seem to make their specialty rolls by haphazardly chucking whatever they think might taste good  inside some Japanese/sushi rice, then labelling them with provocative names (ahem hem, The Eatery). The Italian and French influence on the food doesn’t affect the sushi in a negative way, either, as is evident with other fusion restaurants.

But I still don’t really think Miku is worth what they charge. Clearly it’s more than your average sushi joint–it’s a nice, popular establishment for the kind of people that would rarely dress in less than business casual. But $16 for a roll? When most sushi joints charge less than half that? I don’t know if the sushi at Miku is really three times as good as regular sushi, and the other part of me seriously doubts $18 for a roll of sushi, no matter how amazing, is really worth the money.

Another part of me wishes I had a sugar daddy / mama to pay for the luxury of eating there, if you know what I mean. (What I mean is that I’m kind of sort of maybe not joking? Haha… ha.) Ultimately I enjoyed my lunch here.

After that was a quick stop at Bel Cafe (first time; wasn’t impressed), then it was home to nap, relax, and pack for tomorrow’s flight to LA. Exciting stuff!


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