Teppanyaki at Yokohoma

Every once in a while, I peruse the deals on Social Shopper and pick something out. Sometimes it’s for practical reasons, like transportation to Whistler. Sometimes, it’s for fun. This time was definitely for fun: a ten course meal offered by Yokohama Japanese Restaurant. The deal was $60 for $138 worth of food for two, so I visited with J before we went to watch The Grand Budapest Hotel (which was wonderful, by the way. It’s Wes Anderson, so you know it’s going to be good, but wow!)


We had an early dinner. By the time we left, the place was bustling.

Miso soup with mushrooms.




The teppanyaki chef starting with the vegetables. I missed taking a shot of him lighting the veggies on fire 😦


A ginger sauce on the right was for the greens. The sauce on the right was for the steak.


I should probably learn how to use a camera. Anyway, weird lighting aside, there’s the lobster tails and salmon being torched.


And here’s the steak.

I eventually became so preoccupied with the food that I forgot to keep taking pictures. Woops. Shame on me! Anyway, it was good stuff. The courses were quite small and individual (for example, the single slice of lobster tail, salmon, and streak each counted as a “course”). The mushrooms, lobster tail, and steak were my favourites, but that’s only because they’re my favourite foods. My time at Yokohama Japanese Restaurant was enjoyable, but it also reminded me that a preset menu meant eating food I might not enjoy (like onions, ew). And as one of the world’s pickiest eaters, I should be more wary when deciding what new things to try. Still, it was fun. Not worth the original $69 per person for sure–that would be insane. But worth the $30 each we paid.

Anyway–watch the Grand Budapest Hotel if you haven’t already. That is definitely worth the price of admission.



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