Strawberry Cream Scones

Spring has arrived! The cherry blossoms are out and the city is starting to warm up, and everyone really isn’t feeling the whole Spring season = exam season thing. (To all of my business-student friends: good luck with stats.)

So, what better way celebrate the end of classes and the beauty of the changing weather than a little baking?

I tried Joy the Baker’s tiny strawberry cream scones recipe for the first time, and they turned out relatively well. It’s an interesting recipe because it calls for cream (I used whipped cream–33% fat), and no butter. While it isn’t the cleanest recipe to work with, it’s still pretty simple. As well, there are few ingredients so it’s easy, if a little messy, to whip up a quick batch.

I might have eaten a few too many after they cooled down, but sshhh.



I added a few raspberries to make the dough more workable. It’s supposed to be a bit on the dry side, and I worried I wouldn’t be able to work with it if it wasn’t a bit more moist. Next time I’ll try strawberries only! & I’ll add the white chocolate, too.


I made them two different sizes–tiny and less tiny. Here are the tiny ones.

ImageI want to have a little tea party at the end of the summer, and these are definitely going on the menu. Yum!

Good luck studying, everyone.




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