Heritage Classic 2014

Today was the Heritage Classic. Nucks vs. Sens, hosted at the massive BC Place.

The whole purpose of the Heritage Classic is to have an outdoor-ish game in a vast stadium to try and re-capture the feel of good ol’ Canadian hockey in the winter.

Of course, this is Vancouver. So we don’t get the bone-chilling temperatures and flurries of snow; we get cold, muddy rain. This meant that the game would still take place under BC Place’s retractable roof, making it essentially a regular season game with poorer viewing.



That said, it was still enjoyable.


Inflated seat cushions.



The Canucks’ 1993-1994 team and this year’s women’s Olympic gold medalist team were honoured before the start of the game, which was wonderful. I’m still emotional over our win in Sochi last week! What an amazing congregation of talent, past and present.


Both teams decked out in old school jerseys



(Click on the image for full size.)


They had little tots playing in a miniature rink just outside the regular one. Very cute!


Tegan and Sara played during first intermission!


We ended up dropping the game to the Sens 4-2. They got the empty net. There is a lot to be said for the game, with Lack starting, the embellishing and reffing. Our overall less-than-admirable season to date. I’m going to go super positive and say that the first ten minutes of the game, when we were up 2-0, were fun.

This blog isn’t for hockey rants, so I’ll leave it at that.

I’m still grateful I got to go. The Canucks aren’t usually given the opportunity to be a part of events like this, and I don’t know when the next time we’ll get to be a part of a big NHL event, Canadian or otherwise, again.


Still really hoping our season will start to look up sometime soon. Playoffs are only a month and a half away, and for the first time in a while we’re going to be fighting for a spot…


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