Pick-Me-Up Monday: The Olympics and Reading Week

I thought I’d post a bit more during Reading Week, what with all that time off, but I ended up just going out and having fun.

And, of course, there was the Olympics. Gold in women’s and men’s hockey– as well as 23 other shiny medals making their way back to Canada along with the many athletes who competed! What an amazing achievement it is to just participate in the Olympics, really.

Although hockey’s a biiit different. I’m partial to men’s hockey because I recognize all of the NHLers, but the women’s gold medal game was definitely more exciting. Down 0-2, pushing for a stellar comeback and an overtime win… goosebumps of the best kind! You couldn’t ask for a better game!

Today’s pick-me-up is one for the men’s hockey fans, though. 38-year-old Martin St Louis, for some reason overlooked for the past several Olympics, was called in after his teammate Steven Stamkos had to back out due to injury. (Stamkos himself suggested Marty take his place.) Finally granted the opportunity he quite frankly deserved, the 5’6″ captain of the Tampa Bay Lightning was able to take part in the gold medal match and help bring the Winter Olympic’s most coveted medal home to Canada.

Here he is on the shoulders of Mike Smith. Canada’s third goaltender is a good nine inches taller than St Louis.


How can your response to this picture be anything but a smile? There were many wonderful, heart-warming and -wrenching stories of the Sochi Olympics, but I picked this one for it’s simple whimsy. If you’re interested in more Olympics pictures & gifs, you can check out my hockey tumblr, a Canucks-turned-Olympics coverage blog for these last two weeks!

Lots of love,



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