Pick-Me-Up Monday Cop Out: Imagine Dragons at Rogers Arena

Last week was a bit hectic, but Reading Week is finally here! As made evident by the title, I’m copping out a bit on this week’s pick-me-up Monday by posting about last week’s Imagine Dragon’s concert, instead of something a little closer to shared-experience.



Julia and I arrived just as X Ambassadors started playing. They were quite like the angsty boy bands* that I listened to when I was 15, just with deeper vocals. It was kind of nostalgic. (I might have gone home and downloaded their EPs solely based on the nostalgia thing… Love Songs Drug Songs and Giants are my current favourites.)

*By boy bands, I mean twenty-something males who actually play instruments.


In-between sets.


The suite I was in for the Beyonce concert offered complimentary wine. Not the case this time.

After The Naked & Famous, Imagine Dragons was finally up! They opened with Fallen and Dan Reynolds did his dorky dancing. The stage was filled with drums–I don’t think I’ve ever been to a pop/rock concert so percussion heavy. As a former drummer, I was super pleased with this; it’s not every day the lead singer picks up drum sticks instead of an electric guitar!




Imagine Dragons really made it big these last six months–last year they played the Commodore, tonight they played Rogers Arena.

According to Reynolds, Canada is a bit of a special place for the band at the moment. Night Visions recently hit triple platinum here (it’s double platinum in the States). As a special treat, they also covered Rush’s Tom Sawyer, which was admittedly kind of thrilling.


There’s nothing like singing along to one of your absolute favourite songs with thousands of other people. But there’s also nothing like singing it with thousands of other people and the band responsible for the song’s existence. It’s crazy–and hard to describe. Because there’s nothing like being there. It’s euphoric, I guess. The music pours into every space and corner around you, in-between people and machines and instruments and neglected chairs and the atoms that make up your small insignificant body, and in turn it pours out of your mouth and it’s like you’re someplace else, and it’s hard to imagine ever being happier.

So I guess you could say I had fun that night. If you haven’t already, I hope you have the chance to experience that for yourself one day!

All the best,


One response to “Pick-Me-Up Monday Cop Out: Imagine Dragons at Rogers Arena

  1. I totally get that humming along to your fav tunes. It sounds like you had an awesome time. Great piece!

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