LunarFest and the “Dumpling Festival”

On Sunday I got to catch up with Alison, who I haven’t seen in a week or so. We headed over to the Dumpling Fest that Vancitybuzz was advertising, and wound up downtown at the LunarFest.


Free tea!


It’s quite small and there’s not much to do, but you get a free cup of tea, the chance to write down a lucky wish charm for a friend, and get your new year’s fortune told.



Ali and I decided to try out the fortune teller.



Ali’s fortune told her mostly to not do a lot of stuff this year (“don’t get married”), but that things would be okay. Mine was generally speaking a good one, which was fun to hear.

After that we headed out around the tents to the “Dumpling Festival”. I keep putting it in quotations because it wasn’t really about dumplings, and it wasn’t really a festival. At all. I imagined there would be multiple stalls with different kinds of dumplings, but in reality it was just one stall selling frozen dim sum. The quality was pretty awful, too.


Despite the prosperity bun sign, what was being sold were BBQ pork buns. The prosperity buns were to be available later in the afternoon, but for whatever reason they decided not to make that evident to customers.

Vancouver has great Chinese food, so this unfortunate food court-type greasiness was seriously disappointing. Definitely should have read the reviews before deciding whether to go or not. I did check online when I got home, and it was apparently just as bad last year, so it’s not something I’m ever going to try out again.

And seriously–the only thing remotely dumpling-esque available was shrimp dumplings. Very lame.


I still bought pork siu mai and ha gao, though. Because I was hungry.


Despite the waste of time that was the incorrectly named Dumpling Festival, it was really great spending time with Ali. We walked a few blocks down Robson and found a sushi restaurant, whereupon we caught each other up on our lives, and watched the men’s singles luge event on TV. The time difference has made it inconvenient for me to watch this year’s Olympics, but as always, I’m rooting for my country with all my heart. GO CANADA!



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