Pick-Me-Up Monday: La Luna

A friend sent me this Pixar short film upon remembering my love for Super Mario Galaxy 1 & 2, both of which rank in my top 5 all-time favourite video games (not that I play a whole lot of them anymore).


Super Mario Galaxy 2 promo pic.

ImageBee Mario in Super Mario Galaxy.

No announcements have really been made for Super Mario Galaxy 3 (except to confirm it’s in the works), much as it pains my heart, so for now I’ll have to settle for Super Mario 3D World–which I can’t believe I don’t already have. I guess it’ll be a reading break purchase, along with Pikmin 3 (only three midterms away!).

Anyway: the short film! La Luna! I hope it brings a smile to your face, if only because you believe the little boy is going to end up with really weird facial hair in the future. (Jokes…) And if you’re a Super Mario Galaxy fan, enjoy the whimsical stars!


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