Saturday in Brief: Cupcakes

The club had a bit of a cupcake decorating day today. Fred and Nicole did most of the icing, and Fred did most of the decorating… but we all chipped in a bit!


My cupcake, which reads, “hey dude / DFTBA”

I found the Shoppers (Carnaby Sweet) brand of those candy sweethearts and decided I had to buy it. Each heart had a cute phrase printed on it, like “you’re cute,” “my girl,” and other, rather passive aggressive gems such as “how nice” and “so good”. You’d think the latter would more likely be found scrawled sarcastically across the bottom of one of your midterms, but whoever decides these things obviously thinks it’s an okay message to send to a crush or loved one. (Who decides these things, anyway?!)


Can you see catbug? !!!

Happy long weekend to everyone in BC!



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