4th Annual Hot Chocolate Festival: Thierry

Dine Out Vancouver 2014 is officially over, and I’m seriously disappointed I couldn’t make the one event I was interested in: 6 Course Discourse, hosted by Follow Me Foodie. I highly suggest taking a look at FMF’s recap of the event on her blog. Uuugh, I would have loved to go. It looked like so much fun! And the food. TO DIE FOR.

Anyhow, Dine Out may be over, but the Hot Chocolate Festival is in full swing!


From Inside Vancouver:

For a full month, you can sip, slurp and repeat as you taste your way through over 60 crazy hot chocolate or hot chocolate inspired flavours. Organised by City Food Magazine, the festival started January 18 and runs until February 14.

Over 20 cafes are participating in this year’s festival – from Bel Cafe to Blenz, Terra Breads to Thierry. If you want to walk off your calories and do a bit of a tour, festival sponsor City Food has mapped out Hot Chocolate Festival destinations here.

The festival isn’t only about hot chocolate, it’s also about raising funds for a local charity.  This year’s recipient of Hot Chocolate Festival proceeds is the Downtown Eastside women’s job training program of the Portland Hotel Society and East Van Roasters. The program provides part-time employment for female residents of the Rainier Hotel in the art of chocolate making. Watch the completely inspiring video to feel great about all the chocolately goodness you’ll consume in the next few weeks.

I chose Thierry as the place to test it out, and popped by with Ruby on February 2nd. The two of us sat down to some sweets and the hot chocolate special: Ampamakia 68% liquid chocolate served with a marshmallow dipped in 80% chocolate. Unfortunately, the Trio of Chocolate option is now unavailable (it ended January 31st), so we didn’t get a chance to try the 66% Mokaya hot chocolate, served with a disk of 45% Kayambe milk chocolate and a scoop of white chocolate ice cream (full details here).





I also ordered the passionfruit cake and two macarons. Thierry’s passionfruit cake is always decorated with adorable, miniature macaron shells. (If you haven’t noticed, I loooove macarons.)


IMG_2037Ruby with her tea, pear danish, and salted caramel macaron.


Fluffy and crispy pastry, sweet interior.

A bit more on the liquid chocolate: I enjoyed it. I’m not the hugest fan of liquid dark chocolate–I actually prefer my hot cocoa on the Powdered Not-Quite-Chocolate side of the spectrum–but there is a sense of novelty and fabricated specialness in drinking it, because Ampamakia chocolate is currently only available at Thierry, and comes from from a plantation of Valrhona, a luxury chocolate manufacturer based in France. And if you’re a chocolate connoisseur, you’ll definitely appreciate the unique taste of the drink. But is the worth $9.75?

If you are a chocolate fanatic, I’d say yes. It’s cool tasting the different varieties of chocolate out there, and this is yet another type to cross off your list (in liquid form, no less!). But if you’re not a chocolate fan–I’d even amend that to dark chocolate fan–I’d say no. A package of Carnation hot not-quite-chocolate should do just fine.



6 responses to “4th Annual Hot Chocolate Festival: Thierry

  1. Miriam, I’m so happy you’re flexing your writing muscles more often! Love your hot chocolate piece. xoxo, g ps…the photos aren’t coming up. Do u know why?

    • Thank you! I have an idea as to why the pictures aren’t loading, but I hope I’m wrong. Went through a bit of a crisis with WordPress last night. I’ll take a look at it when I get home…

  2. Yes, the pics aren’t coming up. Ah, hot chocolate, the god of all liquids!!! Unfortunately, I am not a fan of Theirry’s macarons. I received a dozen for my birthday one year and it was a huge disappointment. The shells like at Bouchons are far too big and sweet and the flavors taste “jammy” or prepackaged. It’s tough to live up to the ultimate macarons from LaDuree. Perhaps I should give it another try! But my all time favorites at Thierry’s are the Palmiers, Tuiles and pate de fruits. All delish!!! The best in the city!!

    • Thierry doesn’t make the best macarons, I agree. But tops in my heart are Faubourg’s, because I’m more partial to the lightness and burst of flavor each macaron packs. But of course Laduree holds my highest respect!

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