Some Snaps of Chinese New Year Dinner

Happy Lunar New Year, everyone! Over here in Vancouver, we ushered in the Year of the Horse with a delicious feast, prepared by our friend Anna, with help from my mother.

It. Was. Amazing. And I ate way too much–yet still made room for dessert. Overeating may have left me with the stomach pains I am now dealing with, but lemme tell you: it was worth it.

Here’s a little peek into the feast:


Appies. Note: not all the food is Chinese. I realize that.







Slowly starting to fill the table.






I don’t think we managed to get every single dish on the table at the same time, but no matter.



On my plate: bok choi, fish, a little bit of rice, prawns, chicken, beef, dumplings, peking duck, and a bun. There were long noodles, which I supposed I should have eaten (for longevity), but I was too full by the time I thought about it.


Dessert was panna cotta with raspberry sauce. 


I was so full, but I can never resist anything with raspberry flavouring!

I now feel like I have a food baby growing inside me. Bleh. And I’m sure I’ll still feel full all day tomorrow. But what better way to celebrate the new year than food?

All the best, everyone. May this year be a happy, healthy, and prosperous one for you!



3 responses to “Some Snaps of Chinese New Year Dinner

  1. Oh Miriam, beautifully written. & photographed. A feast for the eyes as well as your probably still full tummy!

  2. Miriam, I might have gone a tad overboard with the menu but it was a great gathering. I would have loved to have more eaters join us. Perhaps a larger dining table that would accommodate 18?

    • I was VERY happy with the menu but yes, perhaps more eaters would have at the very least minimized the amount of leftovers. Still, thank you for such a great time!

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