Dine Out Vancouver: Salmon House

It was a family friend’s birthday the other day, so the two families went out to West Van for dinner at Salmon House. It also marked my first time participating in Dine Out Vancouver, so I had even more reason to be excited!



For Dine Out, Salmon House offers a three course meal for $28. While I don’t believe many restaurants offer the best deals during the festival–it’s more of an opportunity for restaurant-goers to get a taste of a place & boost business–the Dine Out option here is actually quite good. Especially considering regular main courses start at $32.


It didn’t take long for many of us to decide. My pick was seafood, seafood, and a brownie.


If you’re curious about the Dine Out Vancouver experience, I recommend checking out Follow Me Foodie’s Do’s and Don’ts for the festival. She prefers the actual events over restaurant-going. Next year, if my schedule allows, I’d love to try an event. Restaurant-going is a different experience, and I tend to agree with her assessment.

Back to Salmon House (did I mention it’s an Ocean Wise partner?): while the food is great, so is the view! This evening, fog had flooded over the water surrounding downtown, and the result was an eerie, striking painting of the city, visible from our table.




A sea of fog.


Marielle was working, so Justin and I were the only kids. (I’m still a kid, right?) Justin sent in his UBC application last month, so we mostly talked about university life and the massive institution I call my academic home.


The water still swathed in clouds.


I liked to imagine the tankers actually sailing through the fog, instead of the water underneath.

After our appetizers (most of us went with the West Coast hot pot), the main courses arrived.

The portions were relatively small, but unless you have a particularly large appetite, three courses will still be more than enough to fill you up.


Alder grilled chili garlic new york steak.


Pan-seared Togarashi spiced wild sockeye salmon


I ordered the alder grilled rack of prawns. Roasted potatoes, veggies, and Thai mango vinaigrette complimented the prawns remarkably well!


Brownie for dessert. Delicious, of course.

First Dine Out experience: check!

Salmon House on the Hill on Urbanspoon


2 responses to “Dine Out Vancouver: Salmon House

  1. omg Miriam…you say you’re not a restaurant/food blogger, but…you are! Your photos are beautiful. You were in the right place at the right time to capture that beauty. Another great blog entry! … no prejudice here … xoxo

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