Goodbyes at The French Table

While university here in Canada is back in full swing, across the border they’re still on break. So before Anatolia hopped on board her magic carpet to Boston, we all gathered at the French Table for a goodbye dinner.


The French Table is located on Main Street, and offers a tasty selection of French cuisine (and an even tastier dessert menu!).


Anatolia chose sautéed calf liver. I had a bite, just because I was curious, and, well, it tasted like liver.

There isn’t much to add to that.



Apparently course selection has been an issue for everyone this term; second year is still a relatively open-ended point in many students’ undergraduate careers, and of course there’s the issue of completing science and/or language credit requirements before getting bogged down in actual major requirements. Some of us are still re-sorting our schedules, which is a huge pain–particularly because it’s not fun playing catch-up right from the start.

Aside from starting school again (which I am excited about), everyone seems to have a case of the winter blahs. Honestly, I’d like nothing more than to hop on a plane to San Diego and spend a few days by the ocean, soaking up some sun and munching on crunchy, salty fish & chips. But, alas, here I am, in my dreary–but beloved–city.

At least I’m in good company!


Anatolia has split her time on the West Coast between Vancouver and Seattle. Apparently much of her break has been spent watching anime, which she hasn’t done for a good five years. #relapse


I had crêpe suzette for dessert. If looking at drool-worthy pictures of food is considered food porn, is actually consuming said food considered food sex? If so, that’s totally what this was. Soo-o-o good!


Lemon tart. Not as good as what’s offered at Faubourg, the Secret Garden (they have mini versions), or !! Thierry, but still deserves an A.

With stuffed stomachs we left the restaurant and carpooled home. It’s weird, saying goodbye, because it’s difficult for me to grasp that five months is a very, very long time–especially, big picture-wise, when it’s not that much time at all.

Anyway, I should wrap up. I’m going to miss you, Anatolia. See you when you get back, whether that’s in five months or twelve. WRITE TO ME IN THE MEANTIME, OKAY?



One response to “Goodbyes at The French Table

  1. Another great bunch of words Miriam…& you had me blow the cobwebs out of my early morning mind with laughter! xoxo, g

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