Tuc Craft Kitchen

I finally cleared up my class schedule for this semester and found myself with Tuesdays off. I still have the same number of courses, but I’ve condensed them a bit. Tuesdays should now be my “study” days, but we all know how that’s going to work out.

I messaged my grandmother and after surfing through list after list of 2013’s best new and popular Vancouver restaurants, we settled on Tuc Craft Kitchen, located on the periphery of Gastown. Gastown also happens to be where my mother works, so, midway through her own lunch, she zipped down to join us.

Tuc opened only seven months ago, and has since gotten fairly decent ratings on Yelp. The restaurant opens for lunch at 11:30, so it was fairly quiet when we arrived (bright ‘n early at 11:35).




The staff at Tuc are uniquely friendly. The service was great, with only one inconvenience: my grandmother has celiac, so this usually restricts her from most lunch menus. Because of this, she always brings her own gluten-free bread to lunches just in case she has no other decent option. While they made an exception for her this time, it is their policy to not accept unknown food sources into the kitchen, citing potential issues with allergies as their reason. For this same reason, they will not cut store-bought cakes in their kitchen, so that’s important to keep in mind if you’re planning to celebrate someone’s birthday here.




My grandmother ordered the beef brisket and pork crackling sandwich, with smashed potatoes on the side. I nipped a few of the smashed potatoes for myself, and they were delicious.


I ordered the runsas and soup, which was accompanied by an original ketchup-coriander sauce.


The soup of the day was a mix of broccoli, kale, and some other healthy green (forgive me for forgetting). Healthy & tasty. The runsas was, unfortunately, kind of mediocre. A pastry filled with beef brisket, brie cheese, and cabbage, it tasted overall a bit cafeteria-esque.


My mother ordered the roasted butternut squash soup.


My lovely mother and grandmother.

I had a great time with the women of my family today. The perk of freeing up a weekday, though my Mondays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays are now busier, is that I now have more opportunity to see them. Three cheers for university life, yeah?

On Tuc: it’s a great place for those who love the rustic, hipsterish atmosphere of many Gastown-area restaurants but want it without having to sell their liver. Considering the location–one mired by poverty but populated with expensive stores, pricey restaurants, as well as being home to a number of creative agencies–Tuc is surprisingly affordable. The lunch food, however, isn’t particularly special. Still, it’s a great option for those looking for reasonably priced food in Gastown (in fact, it’s one of the only options), and wonderful service.

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