whistler: day four

The 22nd was our final full day at Whistler. Anatolia went to join an old friend from Cadets on the slopes, where Christy and Julia also decided to spend the morning.

The rest of us woke up rather late and, as had become habit, lazed around the house.


Alison and Vivian watching their kdrama Heirs. You could hear the squealing from two floors up.


Kimberly forgoing practicality (who even uses knives, anyway). Amanda is working on a project assigned to her for the winter break. Poor thing!

The Fire and Ice Show didn’t start until 6:30pm. After the skiers got back and we began discussing the night’s plans, we discovered that buses to Alta Lake ran throughout the day and night, which was a relief and also a moment of great shame. We had thought the buses stopped at 7:35pm due to a misreading on the bus schedule map. Which is absolutely ridiculous when you think about it.

(A moment of silence for our perceived intelligence.)

There was a plan to go ice skating at 5:30, before the show, but a quick look online told us the rink would be closed for maintenance from then until the start of the show.


Anatolia hadn’t eaten enough during the day, so we stopped by Avalanche to pick up a slice of pizza. The smell was too tantalizing for VIvian and Christy to resist–they bought a slice as well. Kimberly and Alison sniffed enviously.


At 6:30, the Fire & Ice performers started warming up. The MC quizzed the crowd on Whistler Blackcomb trivia facts and gave away gift cards to chocolate stores, zip lining packages, and taste testing experiences, all while skiers and snowboarders hurled themselves this way and that down the slope. It was cool watching the fire-less portion of the show, but once they lit up the giant hoop…




A snowboarder doing a backflip.

After the show, we intended to go ice skating. But our toes had gotten cold, so we stepped into Blenz for a bit to warm up.


I got a small milk hot chocolate.

All warmed up, it was time to go skating! I was a little rusty, and there weren’t many railings to hold onto, so I had to latch onto Anatolia until I remembered how to make my way around the rink. (So much for being a true Canadian, eh.)


I refused to use one of the kiddie skating aids pictured behind me and Anatolia.





There were lots families with young children in tow. The tiny tots looked like colourful marshmallows.


Conga line!


I don’t know.

At home, dinner was fixed up. Again, we turned to the Internet and asked a few friends what was best to do, but seeing as we didn’t have most of the usual ingredients we kind of just threw a bunch of stuff together and hoped for the best. Because we got home late, dinner ended up being served at 10:30.


Luckily, the meal tasted fantastic. Scalloped potatoes with corn, mushrooms, the remaining baby gai lan, and chicken thighs! Everyone wanted seconds.


I didn’t really help with dinner… spent my time bloggin’.

As it was our last night, we tried cleaning up the house. Elvina and Julia went to bed at around midnight; Anatolia and I (with some help from Kimberly) drank one litre of tonic water, two litres of diet 7Up–it was the only pop in the kitchen that hadn’t expired over a year ago–and half a bottle of gin. Not all at once, of course–at 1am we played Just Dance and at 2 we made instant noodles. There were breaks!

At 3:30 we called it quits and went to bed. Kimberly stayed up chatting with Vivian until 4:30. How they did it, I have no idea, but up we all were a couple of hours later, changing the bed sheets and lugging our bags to the front door, ready to catch the early bus.

It’s not often we all get to spend time together, so I’m grateful that when the time finally arrives, we always have someplace interesting to go. Hanging out at Whistler was fun… now it’s time to enjoy the rest of winter break.

Merry Christmas everyone!


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