whistler: day one

A few months ago we all decided to go up to Whistler for winter break. After a bit of planning, the convenience of a friend having a house up there, and miraculously discounted charter bus tickets, everything was set in stone. (The ride was $35 round trip, valued at $110. Thank you Social Shopper! No Greyhound for us.)

Yesterday, with exams all finished up, the first five of us popped on the charter bus and headed north.

Dirty windows.

I have this weird relationship with moving vehicles where they take partial control of my brain, disabling my ability to sleep or speak to people. So I spent the first hour of the ride listening to Beyonce’s XO and staring out the window before sifting through the rest of the album.

I had gone to sleep at four the night–morning?–before, trying to get all of my baking and packing done before the trip up. Too bad I couldn’t sleep on the bus… and that I was in too a benevolent mood to not take unflattering photos of my friends snoring in their seats.


Snow-capped mountains blended with grey skies. And blurry trees. And the reflection of the bus on the window…


Arrival! We were all very excited to get inside and check around the house.


 ... Except we couldn’t get in.

Getting anxious and desperate, Vivian threw caution to the wind and started eating into our bread rations.



 I might have been a little hungry too.

My fingers and toes started getting really cold. I’m kind of pathetic about the weather. Mild panic was setting in. Should we break the windows? Set up camp outside? BUT IT’S SUPPOSED TO START SNOWING TONIGHT. I would say something like “at this point, all hope had been lost,” but to be perfectly honest we’re a stubborn bunch and weren’t even close to giving up by the time Julia finally got the door open.


Inside, we picked rooms and got settled. The house has a very Julia feel; black bear stuffies, moose decals surrounding the light switches, wooden ceilings, whites walls and maroon accessories.


I called this room, which I had all to myself that night.


After a short reprieve, I took a nap and everyone else played cards. Turns out bus tickets at Whistler are $2.50 each way, and because the house was a ways away from the Village–close to Creekside, by Alta Lake–we decided to save a few bucks and relax the rest of the day.


Prepping dinner.


Turned on the heat after we got in. It looks like we’re worshipping the shortest set of stairs in existence, but really Kimberly just discovered a heating vent embedded in the staircase. 

Vivian went out to a CSA party up at the Village, and the rest of us sat down for instant noodles with baby gai lan and fish balls, which we had brought up from Vancouver.


We spent the rest of the night watching a movie and talking. Surprisngly, none of us had ever seen Love Actually, and, unsurprisingly, we all found it completely ridiculous. It was cute and fun, but maybe we’re a little too practical to consider any of the plot lines even remotely believable (except maybe the Alan Rickman part).

At night, we tucked in and had a good night’s sleep.

Today everyone else arrives!


One response to “whistler: day one

  1. Ohhh Miriam…I want more!
    As the snow fell here yesterday, I thought of you. Still have several inches. xoxo

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