Saturday Night Prime Time: The Mrs. Carter Show


I am forever grateful that my mother works in  advertising. Friday night she returned home with tickets to Beyonce in the CTV suite, which she had won at a function. So, if you had to hazard a guess, where would you say I was Saturday night? Yeah.

My arrival was pushed back a bit late when an insane man decided to take a walk along the tracks of the Millenium Line and shut down our SkyTrain (which was, at the time, underground). We even saw him walk past our powered-off car, arms raised in a half-hearted “what can you do?” gesture. The answer being to most people “Don’t walk on the freaking tracks,” but, like I said, he probably wasn’t in his right mind. Anyway, the police caught him at Granville station, which we later discovered was about two seconds away from where we had originally been stopped mid-travel.

At around 8 I found my mother in front of Rogers Arena and we made our way up to the CTV suite.


Luke James, the opening act, was just getting started on his last few numbers when we sat down.


He sung mostly love ballads. Not really my type of music, but he had great vocal range.

At about 8:50, he wrapped up, leaving the stage before his drummer and guitarist even finished the last few bars of the song.

Then, we waited. For an hour. I passed the time talking with my mom and texting my friend, who had floor tickets and was crushed up at the very front of stage.




This tech guy took an hour-long nap up there.

My cellphone flashed 9:50pm, and everyone I knew was impatient for the concert to start. Suddenly things went dark. A screen descended from the top of the stage, playing the opening scene of the Mrs. Carter show.

It’s weird how you can see someone on TV, hear their voice through your speakers, read about them in the news, but suddenly, once their entire being exists beyond the digital space it was once confined to, your experience with them feels counterintuitively unreal.

Beyonce’s dancers moved, languidly, ascending from below the stage, and soon a trap door on the floor opened and Beyonce herself rose to the stage. The performance officially began.



Dancing, singing, and several costume changes characterized the concert, as did great backup dancers and singers and an amazing band. All-female, of course. (Except for the twins.)



The Mrs. Carter Show.



The two star dancers (Beyonce taking precedence because, well… it’s her show). These high-energy twins were absolutely captivating.



During the latter half of the concert, B swung from one stage to another. At the other side of the arena, she performed songs like Destiny Child’s I’m a Survivor and Love on Top.



Overall it was an amazing experience. I’m so glad I went. I mean, who wouldn’t want to go see Beyonce if given the chance?!

The only downside to the concert itself was time: she started late and only played an hour and half–no encore. Granted, singing is hard enough–singing while choreographed dancing must be exhausting, even with backup.

On an unrelated note: it’s been quite a while since I last posted. I’m in the midst of exams right now and I have clearly been neglecting this blog. After exams, however–on the 19th–I’ll be heading to Whistler with a bunch of friends. The same friends I spent much of my summer running around with.

We’re so, so excited to be reunited after spending first term apart. I can’t wait!!



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