Hockey & Midterms

Tuesday morning I was informed by my mother that I was going to the hockey game… sorta kinda almost. What happened was that I was asked if I was free to go to the game. But that’s practically the same thing, isn’t it?

It was 10 a.m. and I was in History, learning about Atomic Culture in the ’50s while hunched over my desk, fingers poking away at my phone, checking my email. It buzzed. My mother had texted me to ask if I had any plans for the evening.

I had a French midterm to study for, but I said that aside from driving lessons, I didn’t have plans. You know those times when you just feel like something good will happen? This was one of those times.

Mom texted a quick after driving do you want to go to the game back and I responded with the hockey game??? because even though I knew there was no other game I cared about, I couldn’t think of anything else to say. (I know “yes” would have been appropriate, but like I said, I had only just started to wake up.)

I had spent the morning half asleep until that moment.

Mom rarely gets tickets to games anymore, now that she works with a different company (different clients, different perks), so there’s a high chance this’ll be the only game my sister and I get to go to this season.

As I said, I had a French midterm the next day. But really: French, or the only game we get to see live this season? And not just any regular game–the Canucks were facing off against the Devils, where backup goalie Cory Schneider was traded this summer.

So. Yeah. Hockey game it was.


It was weird seeing Schneider in another uniform. I much prefer him in a Canucks jersey. Don’t get me wrong, I appreciate having Luongo as our number one guy, too, but as the analogy goes–it’s kind of awkward to file for divorce and then be forced to remain married.

There were two guys in front of us who jumped up and cheered when the Devils’ Jagr scored the opening goal. When a Canucks fan behind us called to the guy next to them, who the fan presumably knew, “why’d you bring those guys?” He shrugged and responded, “Czechs like Czechs!” This was apparently an acceptable response, though I still heard a bit of grumbling in the back.


We were down 0-2 for the first half of the game, but we bounced back! Daniel & Edler with the goals to tie the game.


Schneider! It’s hard not to miss him. Not only was he a great goalie deserving of a number one spot, he was a standup guy off the ice too. Very well spoken.

While the Devils still have future Hall of Famer Brodeur as their number one, they’re hoping Schneider will be able to fill his spot once he retires. (Not too far away now.)


Plotting during a quick commercial break.


Opened up my French textbook during intermission. Multitasking is harder than it looks.

Santorelli, who’s been particularly clutch for the Canucks these first few games, scored the OT winner!

I’m glad I went. School’s one thing, but there’s nothing like watching a Canucks game live. Listening to John & John cover the game on radio & TV is great, but when you’re in the arena everything is so tangible. It’s such a different experience (if you’re close to the ice, you become much more aware of how huge the players are– I’m pretty sure Edler is 6’6″ on skates). At the risk of sounding like one of their adverts: there is nothing like being there.

School schmool.

All the best,



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