Trattoria on Tuesday

Happy October, everyone!

I went to Trattoria the other day with Patricia. It was $11 Pasta Tuesday, so the place was packed–understandable, since you’d be hard pressed to find pasta anywhere else in Vancouver for this cheap.


Given the price, I shouldn’t complain. (But I will.) The establishment itself is nice, but the atmosphere is a bit misleading. It has a very warm, urban feel with dim lights and dark wooden walls and tables. The kind of place you’d expect good food to be served. The quality, however, isn’t actually great–if you want real Italian food, you’re better off elsewhere (like Marcello on Commercial Drive).



They do have cool place mats with pasta facts though.



Patricia with her Linguine Gamberi. Aglio e olio. Hope you don’t get offended when you read this, P, but I had no idea you had such a great smile until I took this picture! You should smile like this all the time.


Maybe I should take my own advice. But smiling is so haaaaard. ANYWAY, I had the lasagna. Not as cheesy as I usually like it, and the ratio of beef-to-cheese-to-pasta was off. But again, eleven dollars ain’t bad for Vancouver.

ALSO: DO YOU SEE THAT SWEATER? IT’S THE ONE. The one I considered selling myself for. It is the warmest piece of clothing I own, excluding coats. And I didn’t need one, with this darling on. Cashmere isn’t just a material; it’s a way of life.

After that, we headed downtown and met up with Josella. J was supposed to meet us for dinner, but she forgot (nice goin’). She felt so bad that she treated us to dessert at Thierry… definitely not going to say no to that! Although of course Patricia and I would have went just for the privilege of seeing her, not for the free food.

Imagine me giving you a meaningful, convincing look right here.


Chocolate marquis, macarons, strawberry tarte, and passionfruit mouse cake.

It was full inside, so we took a table outdoors near a heater, under the cover of the storefront canopy. The rain was starting to taper off. We spent over an hour chatting about school, travelling, and the UBC Nerdfighters club Josella and I are founding. Yes, it’s a thing that’s going to happen. We’re excited too.

Starting a club at school is much more complicated than we anticipated. They kind of make you walk through hellfire to do it–creating a constitution, going over bylaws, AMS laws, elections procedures, exec positions, and budget plans are just the beginning (although I feel like it’s not actually as tedious as it sounds). But it’s cool, too. We’re both very excited, and we’ve roped Patricia into joining (she’s just a baby nerdfighter right now, slowly making her way through the Vlogbrothers’ 1, 000+ videos).


A happy Josella, before she realized how freaking cold it was and put on her jacket.

We walked back to the station still discussing plans. Could we get a discount if we ordered pins from DFTBA Records in bulk? We need to go over boothing schedules. What should the Icebreaker event cost, if it’s going to help fund future events? And on it went, until we were each in our own separate cities in separate houses in separate rooms, still thinking about the upcoming month with growing anticipation.


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