Summer’s Over: Time for Fall [Window] Shopping

The Autumnal Equinox isn’t until later next week, but it looks like Summer reneged on its contract. To be fair, we had dazzling weather for two entire months; not too hot, not too cold. That doesn’t happen often, so I’m thinking maybe it’d be okay to start tucking in and bundling up for the long stretch a few days early.

This positive attitude of mine might have something to do with fall fashion. S/S14 had gotten me all excited for fresher, flattering, and more shapely skirts and dresses, but looking outside–it’s time to find some boots and a nice cable knit sweater.


It’s also time to start following fall-themed tumblogs again (Photo §)

On a related note: today was spent wandering downtown with the family, popping macarons, and fawning over Fall clothing.

The main goal was to find a backpack, though. I love my over-the-shoulder bags, but because I have to carry around a few more textbooks than usual this year, it’s just not practical. But I hate backpack shopping. I’m not a backpack fan, really, unless they’re small and cute. Otherwise I firmly believe that any money invested in backpacks should be allocated to something that’s both functional and aesthetically pleasing–like boots and sweaters.

Speaking of boots and sweaters–yes, I found/settled for a backpack, moving on now–we ducked into Hills of Kerrisdale at around one, just as the rain clouds burst.

Because I’m a masochist, I guess.

Perusing Hills is paradise. We flitted through rows and stacks of forest green wool coats, black pants, soft grey cashmere v-necks, navy blouses, camel rain jackets, and eggplant button-ups. At one point I heard Anna gasp from across several rows of clothing–my mother and her had found the most beautiful sweater from Autumn Cashmere. Golden cream, crew neck. Three ply.

Haven’t been this obsessed with a piece of clothing since we went to the Rag & Bone outlet in Bichester this summer. It’s a love-at-first-sight kind of obsession. An almost-forget-the-financial-feasibility kind of obsession.

Too bad it was so far out of the sphere of my budget it was basically in another solar system–as are most items in Hills.

If you’ve ever shopped at the store, you probably feel my pain. They carry the most gorgeous pieces, many belonging to lines that haven’t quite pierced the Vancouver market (Rag & Bone, Vince, Autumn Cashmere, etc.), but are often priced $40+ higher than they are in the States. Given that the clothes are already quite expensive, the price hikes are like an extra punch to the gut in a fight you know you’re going to lose. That being said: you can wait for their Boxing Day sale and see if what you want is still there. Oftentimes you can also pick through their selection and memorize the pieces you want, then head down to the States and pick them up there.

This doesn’t always work, though.

Like today. I checked Nordstrom online–I even checked Autumn Cashmere’s website, for fuck’s sake–and IT’S NOT THERE. What is this, some ghost sweater? Did I dream the entire experience? Does it even matter, because I shouldn’t be spending my life’s savings on a sweater, even if it’s cashmere and will keep me warm aaaaall winter long?

But seriously, this sweater cost more than all my first semester textbooks combined.

I may have spent five minutes in front of the mirror staring myself down, asking myself if I was the kind of person who would prostitute herself for a piece of clothing. That it took an entire five minutes perhaps speaks volumes, but ultimately no, I’m not. So the sweater remains at Hills, waiting for some fortunate, financially stable woman to prance into the store and pick her up.

Whatever. I’ll get over it. (No, I won’t.)

Let’s take a moment while I shriek internally.

Okay. We can continue on now.

I also saw a cute pair of boots in Ronsons that were more reasonably priced. Cobb Hill’s new Bethany boot, which I think I’ll save up for. The leather’s soft as butter. Plus, you can never have too many boots, right? Right.

Outside of shopping and a jog in the rain, I also spent the night baking. Several people were kind enough to help me out recently, so I’ve whipped up some crinkle cookies as a thank-you. Cookies are my go-to way of saying thanks, because they’re difficult to mess up and surprisingly popular with almost everyone I know.

Clothes, boots, food… I really am ready for Fall.

All the best,



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