Dinner Time: Iconography and Japanese Fusion

Friday marked the last day of our first full week of school. This was, naturally, cause for a celebratory dinner.

The Eatery is an interesting Japanese fusion restaurant located near Collingwood and W Broadway. And by “interesting,” I mean totally weirdass. In a cool way. Sort of.


The set-up is a mix of bizarre quasi-Japanese, quasi-pop art/culture iconography. Like the papier-mache… things… that suspend from the ceiling.


This one’s face is reminiscent of an Ood, which I find endearing.


Little bulldog gargoyle on a beam of wood above us.

The place is popular with a distinctly younger crowd (university students and the like).


Not really the kind of place I plan to take my Grandma, but whatever.



Avocado Tempura.


I’d already munched my way through half of my Fantasy Roll– prawn tempura, mango, and avocado with soya bean wrapping.


A & J. Does it count as third-wheeling if you’re the one who planned the dinner?

Don’t answer that.


Half-eaten S&M and X-Rated Roll.

The highlight, at least for me, is the selection of eclectic sushi The Eatery offers. I had a tough time deciding which rolls to order– Found Nemo? Tex Mex? Fantasy?

That being said, the whole atmosphere of the place is edgy and provocative in a very try-hard way (like, there’s nothing S or M-ish about the S & M roll). While the food isn’t overly expensive, you don’t really get what you pay for. Our calamari was 75% batter, which Ali & I were disappointed with, and the beef Okonomiyaki was underwhelming. I hate posting about not-great experiences, but the place was overall pretty meh. Oh, and they don’t accept debit, which they should have mentioned somewhere. But if you want to go somewhere different, I’d check it out. You’d be hard-pressed to find the exciting selection of sushi anywhere else in Vancouver, too.

The Eatery on Urbanspoon


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