dinner time: wildebeest

I went downtown for dinner the other night with friends, to Wildebeest in Gastown. Yum!


The foodies of the group: Christy & Anatolia

Wildebeest won Best New Restaurant and Best New Design in the Vancouver Magazine Restaurant Awards 2013, and boasts a dedication to local, ethical farms, so we thought we’d pop in one night and test it out.

The dinner was delicious! The restaurant is family-style, so all dishes are made for sharing. While my friends are normally big eaters, we for whatever reason collectively decided not to overeat, so we didn’t order as much as we usually would have. As the girl with the smallest appetite in the group, I’m grateful. We ordered seven main course dishes for the seven of us, and three dishes of dessert (go for the meringue!).

The short ribs were our favourite. Probably one of the simpler dishes–most of them are delightfully quirky and adventurous–and drool-inducing. Juicy, flavourful, and drowning in fat! We hadn’t quite finished inhaling the first one before we waved to the waiter and ordered another. It arrived shortly after, and as I opened my mouth to ask Christy to snap a photo, everyone but me stabbed their forks in a gobbled their pieces up. So, a lonely slice of short rib sitting on its bone:


In-between bites we laughed and chatted. A few of us were here in Vancouver only briefly, their stay being more of a stopover from a vacation spot before returning to university, so one corner of the table excitedly swapped untold stories from the past school year and the other half planned goals for the upcoming one. Work, relationships, clothes… and despite most talk revolving around school–or at least the time period in which is takes place– any mention of it’s impending commencement was immediately and almost violently shushed.

It’s weird how you can talk about something that will happen in the future, but any motion to close that gap of time from now until then is a no-no. Who wants to think about actual coursework? That time will come, I guess. In September. Maybe.

For now, it’s fun to just talk aspirations, clothes, hobbies, and souvenirs.

ImagePicked this up for a friend while in London. Cute, right?
Yes, it’s a real scorpion. No, it’s not among the living. And oh, no, it’s not poisonous. I think.

It’s only August 20th today, but already so many of my friends are hopping on planes and heading back east (southeast, in some cases). I’m going to miss them.

When they come back, I know we’ll continue to explore Vancouver’s best restaurants. We’ll probably pop back to Wildebeest, too, because that was a good meal.


(more info on wildebeest here)

(2/3 of the photo credits go to Christy)

Wildebeest on Urbanspoon


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